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Does Language Of Desire Really Work?!

Felicity KeithCreated by Felicity Keith, The Language of Desire is a groundbreaking relationship program designed for women, with an aim of portraying how to use words to become your man’s fantasy. The program helps women understand the male psychology and how using dirty talk can help you make any man want you so badly that he will plainly do anything to please you. The author shows how you can ignite unreserved love and loyalty as well as the desire in your man.

Who is Felicity Keith?

Felicity Keith is a sex and relationship expert who has written many articles to help people deal with their relationship problems for many years. Once a shy girl, most of her work is based on personal experiences and in The Language of Desire she discloses how she learned to use dirty phrases to trigger her man’s sexual drive. Her advice is sought after far and wide, particularly after the success this program has amassed.

Who is the Program Designed For?

language of desire womenThe Language of Desire is for any woman who wants to bring out the sexual beast in her man. Besides demystifying the male psychology, the program comes with incredible tips for men and women on how to turn each other on mentally before getting intimate. In other words, this program is primarily for women who want to understand the male brain and how to achieve a deep and sensual connection.

What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Felicity Keith shares her personal experiences, thus it is easy to relate to the program’s content
  • Language Of Desire is subdivided into 10 interactive modules, each with lessons and worksheet for taking notes. This makes it easy to learn and comprehend the program.
  • Language Of Desire delves deeper into sex bringing up some topics that most people avoid talking about.
  • Language Of Desire comes with practical examples clearing showing how make a man yearn for you.
  • Language Of Desire comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Primarily designed for women.
  • It contains strong sexual language that some readers may find a little embarrassing.

language of desire men

The Modules: The Heart Of The Program

The Language of Desire is divided into 10 modules, each containing a worksheet or two. The modules help you learn how to set and establish your sexual boundaries and how to personify your sex female model so as to feel sexually confident. The modules reveal among other things, why men are interested in porn and give tips on how to become his sexual superwoman. Also contained in the modules is how to you use erotic telepathy to transfer emotional and physical energy, how to enhance sexual intimacy, how to use dirty talk and how to take your relationship to the next level. To cap it all

language of desire packModule #1: Introduction
Module #2: Become A Superwoman
Module #3:  Loving Man’s Best Friend (hint: it’s not his dog)
Module #4:  Brain Chemistry
Module #5:  Romantic Action Movie Technique
Module #6: Desire Intensifiers
Module #7:  Upgrade Your Relationship Status
Module #8:  Getting Your Dream Met
(with him thinking it’s his idea)
Module #9:  When Relationship Isn’t Possible
(…or if it’s boring)
Module #10:  Talk Mastery

The Language of Desire come with bonus products that seek to teach you the art of silent seduction and how to improve your confidence in the bedroom. The program also contains over 200 ready to use dirty text messages. The significance of sex cannot be underestimated in any relationship. The Language of Desire not only ensures that you have a thriving sex life, but also takes you through the steps to make your man crave for your body. It is a must read for any woman who wants change her sex life for the better.

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*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

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